Creating an account was the first step. Here's what's next.

Two different ways to get work, One system.

CXN and Service Connection®

CXN – provides service directly to contracted clients (retailers, manufacturers, warranty providers, etc.) Typically clients have set job types and set rates. You can learn more by clicking here.

Service Connection® – is an open marketplace where consumers can search for what they need locally and find providers that match. From here they can submit a request and providers can give a quote for the service requested.

In order to contract with CXN Corp. you must complete the On-boarding process. It should only take you a few minutes.

(*Note* if you have not yet created a profile, click here do that first.)

Step 1- Complete paperwork. (required for CXN)

There are a few standard forms that need to be completed in order to receive contracted work from CXN Corp. When you are ready click on each button complete that form electronically. You will be automatically directed back to the on-boarding page after you sign each form. A copy of each form will be emailed to you upon completion.

If you have any questions about these forms please contact us

1. Independent Contractor Agreement

This is a one page agreement defining the relationship between you and CXN Corp.

2. Direct Deposit Authorization

– CXN uses ACH direct deposit to process payments.

– A standard bank account or prepaid debit card will both work.

Step 2 - Using the System

Getting work orders is one thing. Understanding how to bid/quote, accept, schedule, complete, and request payment is another.

Our work order management system is straight to the point, easy to use, and if you like how it works you have the option to use it for your own personal or business use.


  • Dashboard – Quick view of all your order, reminders,etc.
  • Account Management – Profile management
  • Work order Overview – Learn the parts of a work order
  • Bidding Overview – Learn how to use the bidding/quote process
  • Partners – Learn how to connect to CXN clients and get work from them

Click the the button below to get an overview of how the system works.